So I’ve been on the dating site OK Cupid for some time now. I haven’t had much success on the site, but one of the cool things about the site is that they release some cool infographics and stats on its members.

One of the nice little features that the site offers that others don’t is a peak into the personality of the people you’re checking out. Apparently, they are able to do this by analyzing your answer to their questionnaire. So far, I’ve answered 251 questions, and I’m disconcerted to find out what their analysis shows:

Arrogant? Really? I would rephrase that as confident. Also, I can’t believe the site thinks I’m less organized and less giving than the average person. Apparently, I’m the most selfish person possible. I’m incredibly skeptical now about OK Cupid’s system. I can’t even remember answering any questions about charity or volunteerism.

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